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To be human is to create.

Capital helps fuel the artistic and cultural life of Central Ohio.

Arts and Culture

Writing. Designing. Performing. Curating. Sculpting. Whether we’re the creator or the consumer, creative expression shapes who we are as a community. It informs our perspective, influences our conversations, inspires our actions and evolves our understanding — of self, of humanity, of our place in the world.

Capital student playing the piano

From the innovative craft of our students to the masterful work of our faculty, to invited guest performers, Pulitzer Prize winners, accomplished orators, filmmakers, painters, sculptors and more, Capital University helps fuel the artistic and cultural life that makes Central Ohio a destination place.

It is our privilege to share our work, and the creations of those we host, with the community. Through our renown Conservatory of MusicThe Schumacher GalleryElectronic Media and FilmArt, and University Theatre programs, and our annual events like a robust lecture series in the humanities (Gerhold), undergraduate research, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Learning, Faculty Scholars and more Capital shapes perspectives, conversations and values. We improve lives. We impact our world. We invite you to join us.