资本 was founded as the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio in 1830 by German immigrants to train Lutheran pastors to lead their churches. 20年内, this same faith tradition established the undergraduate institution in 1850 and named it 彩乐园手机端app下载.


Like many church-affiliated institutions, our relationship to the church has evolved. 今天, we are an independent school that chooses to remain affiliated with the 美国福音派路德教会 (新教) and as one of the 27 member schools of the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities (NECU). 除了这些学校, we “share a common calling that is deeply rooted in the Lutheran intellectual tradition and boldly open to insights from other religious and secular traditions.“这来自一份名为《彩乐园手机端app下载》的文件.

由东北师范大学各学院代表编写, that sums our shared mission this way: “Called and empowered to serve the neighbor so that all may flourish.“你可以。 请完整阅读本文档. 在资本,我们扎根于我们的传统,并对您的传统持开放态度. In fact, we’re thrilled that you bring a tradition that’s unique to you! 资本专注于所有成员的精神健康, 不仅仅是路德教徒, and not just people who practice a particular religion or believe in a particular deity.


这是什么意思?? We are a Lutheran school but that doesn’t mean we expect you to be Lutheran or will force you to embrace everything about our tradition. Some schools force students and employees to sign a faith statement or attend chapel. 那不是我们. Others don’t care whether religious opportunities are present in community life. 那也不是我们. We walk a third way where we emphasize spirituality as an opportunity instead of an obligation. Our resources for spiritual wellness will always be available for you but we will not force them on you. 而不是, we create community that welcomes the different traditions our members bring with them into conversation with the principles that guide us as an institution of Lutheran Higher 教育.


通过合作探索的过程, we lifted up six key components of this spiritual wellness that emerge from the Lutheran tradition and resonate with other religions, 灵性, 和世界观. These Six 精神上的原则 are: Truth, Vocation, Innovation, Inclusion, Service, and Grace. We’re currently inviting feedback from community members about these principles. 我们欢迎你 分享你的想法!

Truth points to both our mission for education and the spiritual pursuit of meaning. Lutheranism was born in a university setting, through the process of challenging authority. 尽我们所能, Lutheran higher education institutions like 资本 welcome new perspectives that help us to better understand one another and better comprehend sacred wisdom. Such a pursuit of truth, in both theory and in practice, is possible because of free inquiry.

Vocation is a concept that highlights the value of the work that we do and differentiates our work from our identities. 简而言之,你所做的工作并不能代表你. Your identity is who you are, while your vocation is how you put that identity to work.牧师. Dr. 凯瑟琳Kleinhans, 首任彩乐园手机端app下载三一路德神学院院长, once wrote that the normal world in which we live our daily lives “is a suitable realm for divine service—not by serving God directly (since God does not need human works) but insofar as one serves the God-given neighbor.换句话说, we offer authentic contributions through the vocations we develop because, 在我们的职业中, 我们将自己的身份与周围人的身份联系起来. 圣召使我们的工作能促进人与人之间真正的关系, 哪一个适用于所有宗教和世界观的人.

创新并不局限于路德宗传统的神学. 路德教会在欧洲开办了第一批女子学校. Lutheran immigrants to North America developed social safety nets like insurance and hospital systems, as well as schools and care networks for people with disabilities and children without parents. 了解自己作为移民的感受, 路德会发展了路德会移民和难民服务, 帮助新移民在美国找到一个家. 这种创新是我们拥抱希望的一种方式,而不仅仅是为了生存, but by providing resources and opportunities that can help all people to thrive.

包容一直是路德教会运动的核心原则, which leads to a frequent practice challenging boundaries that prevent inclusion. 牧师. 耶户琼斯, 受到这一原则的启发,并被他的职业所证实, pursued and achieved ordination as the first Black Lutheran pastor in the U.S. in 1832. 同样的灵感动了牧师. Elizabeth Platz, who became the first female Lutheran pastor in North America in 1970. 第一联合路德教会任命牧师. 杰夫•约翰逊, 公开的同性恋者, in 1990, and twenty years later the denomination affirmed the ordination of LGBTQ+ candidates. Even when difficult, the Lutheran penchant toward inclusion inspires us to challenge boundaries.

为邻居服务是我们与生俱来的基因, 通过一个强大的社区参与项目,将我们与当地联系起来, 国家, 以及全球合作伙伴. Our drive to service is grounded not only in the value of ethical stewardship, 而是遵循路德教会的服务传统, summed by Gustaf Wingren this way: “God doesn’t need your good work but your neighbor does.” Service is something we all participate in because we see the needs of our neighbors and seek to meet them. This includes class internships in nearly every department and engagement scholarships like the Bonner 引领er Program.

Grace reflects the Lutheran commitment that God’s grace is the foundation for abundant life and that each member benefits when we live grace-filled lives with one another. Committed to being an open community means seeking to live grace-filled lives with one another. 即使我们在一起的生活中肯定会犯错误, we can also grow from those missteps in a culture built on the mutuality of forgiveness and repair of the damage done.

这些是我们所扎根的传统的原则. 以这些性格为基础的, we are open to the traditions you bring with you and look forward to how we can enrich one another during your journey at 资本.